Repair, renew & protect overworked & distressed hair

* Reverse the signs of damage

* Transforms extremely damaged hair

Eliminate unwanted yellow, brassy and gold tones

* Repairs & strengthens hair from inside out

* Reduces hair breakage by more than 80%





Calm, smooth  & control frizzy coarse & curly hair

* Eliminates frizz, without weighing hair down

* Reduce hair breakage by more than 80%, preventing further frizz

Hydrate, soften and repair dry, damaged & dull hair

* Reduces hair breakage by more than 80%

* Formulated with advanced 'time release hydration' for lasting softness




Extends the vibrancy & life of your colour

* Advanced UVA / UVB solar protection, removes damaging free radical

* Repairs hair & cuticle damage caused by sun exposure

Weightless healthy volume, energy & repair for fine hair

* Fine hair becomes thicker & fuller with lasting body & bounce

* reduces hair breakage by more than 80%



Ozone Hair Spa

Fusion Complex

Fusion Complex is formulated to to rebuild chemically damaged hair from the inside out. Protecting existing Disulphide bonds, as well as  reconnecting broken ones.

Enriching Organic Ginger,Rosemary & Açai oil softening and smooth hair texture, improving hair colour and intensity for stronger healthier hair


* Prevent damage, repair hair integrity from chemical salon processes

*Protect the bonds from initial breakage as well as repair broken bonds

*Noticeably soften and smooth hair texture

*Adds shine and Lusture to hair apprearnce

Ease of combing (both wet and dry)

*Improved hair colour intensity

*Continued salon treating technology at home

Fusion Complex